Cheers to the New Year

It’s been a little over a month. I’ve been a little quiet. We’ve had some big changes.

Tom landed a job back home. Our family is knitted back together in close proximity again. It’s been an adjustment and it hasn’t been as awkward or uncomfortable as I was anticipating. Not that it’s uncomfortable to live with  my husband. Maybe uncomfortable is the wrong word to use… I’m not really sure what other word to replace with that. To elaborate, we’ve lived apart for over a year and both of us have gotten used to our own routines, so I wasn’t really sure how living together again was going to go. I think it’s been easier for me than for Tom. He’s moving back home and into my routine I have with my day-to-day and my routine I have with our daughter, so he’s probably still trying to navigate and figure out how to fit in with everything.

It’s been a blessing. I’m relieved and I’d like to think Tom is, too. It’s nice to feel like our home is full and connected again.

We moved my office downstairs so Elsie can start having her own space and her own room. We have two desks, so my original desk is still in her room, which is going to drive me absolutely bonkers. I want it out. I want it out right now. STAT. I hate having things in rooms that serve no purpose or don’t go with my intention, or they just take up space for the sake of taking up space. Tom wants to wait until we maybe move into a newer home in the next year or so. Just get it the faaaak outtttaaa there. Pack it up and we can put it back together when, correction, if we move.

This disturbance and annoyance is ironic considering I’m a very cluttered and unorganized person. I legit can’t stand clutter. In the least. Makes me anxious and I can’t focus on a damn thing.

My favorite part about the new year was cleaning off my whiteboard calendar. Guess when the last month was updated on there? January 2017. Cheers to the New Year, folks.


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