Dear Elsie

Dear little one. My sunshine. My heart. This world is dark. This wold has many lost souls and many misguided anger. There’s violence, there’s angst, there’s selfishness, simply put: there’s evil. Hearing these stories of shootings, domestic violence, neglected children, addiction, natural disasters and bombings brings a whole new feeling now that you’re a part of this world. I fear loosing you whether you’re the victim or the culprit. I can’t imagine someone that I’ve helped bring to this world that has so much light beaming from the smallest smile could ever be the cause of harm. I wish, hope and pray that your father and I can provide a healthy home and help you become the best version of the human you are to become.

All of this said, this world is not a place meant to live in fear. There’s so much beauty to admire. Just watching you learn and take in your surroundings is a beautiful thing. Knowing that in order for you to be a part of this world, all the little things that have to happen at exactly the right time to create the one and only you fills every fiber in me with awe. Watching you interact with Daisy and the friendship that is coming to fruition is heart warming.

Looking in our backyard, the seasons that we get to see, the natural beauty of the landscapes. I can’t wait to take you on explorations. We can go hiking, taking in the vision of mother nature, her children and friends, her appearance and her perfume. This time we have is only borrowed. I hope that we get to have a long future with you and we can provide brothers and sisters for you. I hope that you can feel our love and know that no matter what, we will always be here for you. You are so very loved.


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