Nice to Naughty

This year for Halloween, I dressed my child up as Chucky. She was cute, but our picture was grotesque and awesome. If I had to be murdered and I had the option to choose, I’d be okay if she did it. Even looking like Chucky, because she is adorable and I love her. 22852889_10101224885811976_7210866653957932015_nThe knife is fake and the blood is fake… obviously. I get excited about these little moments that she gets to look back on when she’s older. Something for her high school graduation, wedding and some day a new mom that can cherish these as a sweet reflection.

Each Halloween I like to participate. It’s a great day to explore imagination, pretty and gross things. Horror movies are one of my favorites, too. It was fun doing the makeup. It was a last minute effort since I wasn’t sure if we’d even be doing anything for Halloween. The makeup wasn’t as great as it could be, but it was good enough to look awesome (in my opinion anyway). Elsie was gigglin’ and having a good time. I couldn’t tell if I should have been enjoying it with her, or slightly concerned that she didn’t seem to care that mom was in blood. She’s a bit too young to know what it all meant anyway. By the time we have a second baby (if we’re able to), it might not be as appropriate to be that gross. But maybe they’ll be totally into it, which would be saaaaweeet.

The kids at daycare got to dress up for Halloween, too. We used her cousin’s costume from last year and she went as a cute little lamb. It’s a different costume but it holds some resemblance to the boy in ‘A Christmas Story’. Who wore it better:

It’s been fun watching this child grow up. This last year I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to watch a puppy grow into a young adult(ish) puppy and a newborn grow into an infant. This world is filled with mystery and it’s so wonderful to watch these new lives learn how to navigate through it, as well as testing their mother’s and owner’s patience. Oh my lanta, do they know how to test patience.

It’s going to be fun when this little gem starts talking and can start connecting observation to language. I’m looking forward to hearing her observations of the world, relationships and even myself.


via Daily Prompt: Mystery


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