Cold as F@#$

It’s that time of year where EVERYONE is thinking and/or saying ‘Why, oh why do I live here’. It’s cold as fuck. Windy and cold. However, with all the windchill, stupid cold winter weather and way too early snow fizzles, the people here are always warm. Warm in personality and character.

We carved our first pumpkins. By ‘we’ I mean ‘I’. Elsie’s fine motor skills have been developing rather well, but probably not well enough to hold a blade or carve a pumpkin. If she was good at that, I’d be rather concerned and probably consider putting her in a kennel at night so she wouldn’t stab me in my sleep. Anyone read those articles of what kids say that are creepy? They’re partially funny and equally horrifying.

As per usual, I’m playing catchup. Also as per usual, I’m leaning that it’s just part of the process. Part of being a new mom and parent in general. I’ll clean the house, or clean my desk and five minutes later, voila:

2017-10-27 09.55.27 1.jpg

What the shit? Personalty and bad habits. Mostly bad habits. PSA to moms-to-be, be forewarned – your bad habits amplify and are harder to control. At least for me it did.

Also – this:

2017-10-27 09.55.15 1.jpg

They were all alive last week. And they looked so pretty. They’re still pretty, though. I like dead flowers. So I guess this isn’t that much of a nuisance for me.

I’m growing so tired of pumping. So tired of pumping. I love supplying nutrition for my babe, but that noise… that constant mechanic noise… and the time it takes. If I could do it again, I’d buy those battery operated pumps so I wouldn’t be trapped by my own tits.

I’m looking forward to halloween this year. I have a couple ideas for Elsie and I. We’ll see if I can make time to put it together. I wish Tom was home so I could force him to partake, but we’ll have to wait til next year. Also candy.


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