I only have a few minutes here, but I haven’t written in a while and it’s always a relief when I do. Tom came home last weekend. As always, it’s nice to see him. This time around felt a little different which seemed somewhat concerning. I can’t really explain it, but I don’t think that it’s good. I’m hoping that it’s a fleeting phase and that it won’t need to turn into a conversation, but from what I’ve learned in this situation we’re in, it’ll probably need to turn into a conversation. That’s at least one solid perk of our long distance marriage: communication has improved. It has to.

We did our first kayaking adventure for a friends birthday. The first two hours sucked ass. Hairy ass. The part we launched from had super low water, so we were walking for most of it. Once you’d get going in the kayak, you’d get stuck and have to hop out and pull your way past the rocks. It was kinda funny listening to a couple of the guys complain. Legit toddler temper tantrums.

Once we got to the main river it was smooth sailing… or kayaking… from there. It was actually really quite pleasant. The Big Sioux has a bike trail that winds along side it. I’ve been on that bike trail many, many times, but this time I got to see the river differently. Even with the murky water, it was peaceful. Surrounded by green, the sunset was peaking through the leaves, distant cars, bicyclists passing by… It didn’t feel like Sioux Falls.

I’ve worked on creating a new system to (hopefully) help keep me focused on my work. I use a time management app that tracks my projects and my time. This is good for many reasons: 1. It gives me insight on where my time is spent 2. It lets me keep track of my billable clients 3. It’s a good tool that keeps me updated on projects I have finished. I just got it set up today to where it links with my google calendar, which is awesome. Now I can block out time on my calendar for specific projects and it’ll automatically track the event, and whenever I track something on my app, it creates an event. Win/win.

Last night I did my boxing class. I learned a lot. I got exhausted faster probably because I didn’t eat enough GOOD nutrition before class. I got angry and flustered when working on the mitts because I was tired which caused me to get in my own head. It felt good working through my exhaustion, frustrations and focus. I knew I was learning how to break my own barriers so I could keep going. My favorite part about this learning curve is that I can directly relate it to my marriage, my work, my newfound motherhood and my relationships. With every bump, every second guess, question, late night, lack of sleep, hangry words, it’s all a barrier. Barriers that once they’re broken down, not only is there clarity, but growth. Just have to keep on keepin’ on and eventually it works itself out.

I’m looking forward to when we can rework this out. We’ve produced a lot of wrinkles and it’s been difficult to iron it out. But we’ll get there.


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