IMG_20160720_09472410:58 PM. I’m restless in bed. The light from my whatchamacall… seriously… I’m rolling my eyes in my head… the thing. Baby cam. Walkie thing. The light from the thing, sounds from Elsie snoring, my feet sliding under my sheets reminding me I should clip my toenails (ew, I know) and the sound of the AC spilling in the room. My bad phone habit at night most certainly doesn’t help with my restlessness.

It took about a solid hour and a half to get Elsie to sleep. I don’t mind the snuggles, though she did miss out on an awesome movie: Trolls. I cried like a bitch. Tom would be laughing at me. I remember one time, Tom and I decided to do a date night at home and rent a movie from Amazon (5.99 a movie is a total ripoff, btw. Blockbuster died and their pricing should too. Sometimes Amazon, along with other retailers, should eat a dick). We cracked open some beers, scrolled through some previews and came across one that looked like a good indie movie, since every other movie is a lame remake or a marvel movie these days…. barf. I don’t remember the name of the movie, but it had ‘the sick girl’ or something like that in the title. We watched the preview, it looked really good! But it looked super sad. The title and the previews very clearly alluded to the girl dying at the end. We didn’t even finish the previews and Tom started saying ‘I don’t think we should watch this, it looks like something you would cr… are you seriously crying? It’s just the preview!’ I’m such a pathetic sap sometimes. As the one girl in Mean Girls says ‘I just have a lot of feelings!’

I’ll be the mom laughing her ass off at the dumbest kid movies and crying her eyes out. Poor Elsie doesn’t even know what’s coming. How could you not cry when Simba’s dad dies?! It’s SO sad! And when Branch saves Poppi by opening up… I mean… it’s such a tender moment. No shame.

Today is our first anniversary as husband and wife. And it’s father’s day. It sucked not having my husband and the father of my child here. Instead, I got to spend it with my grandma, my mom and my babe. My grandma got emitted from the hospital this morning so my mom and I drove her to Watertown where she will be staying with my uncle until she flies out on friday. I didn’t mind the drive, but I found it annoying all the same. I just have SO much shit to do. Work shit. I’m so behind.

I did one of those super annoying shout outs to my husband on the book face today. Why do we do that? I get sharing things that happen and including, or inviting, others in. But the highlight reel is so fucking annoying. I kind of hate myself for posting it. I already called him and wished him a happy anniversary and fathers day. Am I that desperate for approval ratings?

I have some friends.. er… ‘friends’ on facebook that I just constantly roll my eyes at. No one’s life is that fucking perfect!

Well fuck.. Elsie is upset now. Apparently she heard my virtual frustrations and agrees with me. Thanks, facebook.

P.s. 12:23AM, 2 minutes of crying, a left boob, 100 rocks in the rocking chair, spit up, a dirty diaper, another 100 rocks, 10 cute baby yawns, about 30 times running my fingers through her hair, a handful of snores, a handful of sniffles and she’s back to sleep. Hopefully for 2 hours and not until her usual 2AM wakeup. Sleep tight, world.






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