Late Night Ramble

I’ve been itching and day dreaming to write. It’s been a busy week. My sister-in-law is out of town with her husband and daughter. They went to visit my hubby out in CO. So I’ve been working with Elsie in tow this week. I honestly don’t know how I got any work done before I was bringing her to Crystal three days a week. It’s been a blur.

The nights this week have felt longer. Probably because the days feel longer. My attention-giving abilities have gone more back to Elsie, so Daisy has been letting out some groans and sighs throughout the day. She needs to make sure I can hear that she’s feeling left out (as if I didn’t already know). At night when I’m feeding Elsie, she’ll come in the room and lay her head by my feet; so with each rock I make I can stroke her pretty little head with my foot while I feed the baby. Neither one of them seem to mind and I can please them both at the same time. Multi-tasking at its finest.

Tonight didn’t really go  as planned. My grandma is in town for a family reunion. My mom drives her to Minnesota, or Fargo… I think it’s somewhere around one of those two places. Anyway, Grandma ended up feeling pretty ill and we wound up in the hospital tonight. Nothing of concern, which is good. She’s just an 80 year old lady with some ulcers and needs to take better care of herself. She doesn’t eat because her stomach is upset and her stomach is upset because she doesn’t eat.

We had a male doctor that came in to do some check ups on her. They wanted to check her stool to make sure she wasn’t having any internal bleeding in relation to her ulcers. So he ended up sticking his finger up her butt. When they left the room I told my grandma she should of exchanged numbers… most people don’t get that far on a third date. I get excited to get old so I can say those things to my doctors. Is that weird?

I didn’t get to pump for about 5 hours, so I had a neat little milk duct getting hard. That’s such a weird feeling. So weird. Now I’m sitting here, getting some words out, pumping, watching ID. I’m already working my way into my old lady status. Watching the ID channel at 11:00 p.m. Nice.


Tom comes home next week for the weekend. One of his good friends is getting married and I’m photographing their wedding. Our one year anniversary is in a couple of days, so we’re going to take advantage of next weekend as our own little get-away. We decided to leave Elsie behind for the weekend; not gonna lie, I’m a little sad thinking about it. But I’m looking forward to spending some good time with my husband and our friends.

I can’t believe it’s been one year that we’ve been married already. Crazy how time flies. So crazy.


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